Written during the run up to the second great war, Don Juan Returns from the War looks back to the aftermath of WWI, as the slightly-past-his-prime Lothario returns to a Germany populated entirely by women. Professing to have abandoned his seductive lifestyle, Don Juan seeks out the one girl he regrets abandoning, only to struggle with his old ways. This new translation explores the conflict between the roles we imagine of ourselves and those society casts us in, as well as the all-too-familiar tendency to repeat destructive patterns when offered the chance to create a new world.

A theatrical adaptation of this jewel of early post-war French Cinema, Les Enfants paints a lush and lively portrait of the theatre in 1820’s Paris. Garance, a beautiful courtesan, is courted by four men who love her in their own ways; a mime, a criminal, an actor, and an aristocrat. In a swirl of passions, betrayals, and teeming crowds, the four lovers play out a mix of truth and fictions on Paris’ infamous “Boulevard of Crimes”.


December 10, 2018


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