10,000 +

Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events
The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation
Arts Work Fund

$1,000 - $9,999

 The Albert Pick, Jr. Fund
City Arts I, the City of Chicago
Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation
The Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation
The Illinois Arts Council, a state agency
Pierce Family Foundation
Light A City Fund
Joni and Chuck Arredia
Dusko and Maja Culafic
Natasha and Zeljko Djukic
Andrew Kucharski and Mara Levin
Keith Parham
Jacqueline Stone

$100 - $999

Sharon Ammen and Ronald Moore
Mrs. Roland V. Anderson
Andrew Bendelow
Barbara Bobin
Ana and Ivan Budišin
Joanna Buese
Angela Bullard
William Bullion
Christopher Cahill
Will Christiansen
Kevin Clancy
Alina and Jack Cowden
Alice and Mike D’Ambrosio
Shelly Daniels
Luka Djukic
In Memory of Lotus Ewert
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Fanslow
Virginia Gibbons
Jaimelyn Gray & Les Zarzecki
Brad Gunter & Leticia Guillaud
Andy Hager
Russell Hahn
Fred and Melody Hasselback
Heather Joireman
Mark Jones
Borko and Lisa Jovanovic
Laurie Larson
Helen Lattyak
Loretta and John Lattyak
John and Gloria Levin
Max Lotspeich
Rose Lotspeich
Greg and Tara Marsh
Mike and Julie Nussbaum
Sonia Oyola and Tim White
Roche Schulfer
David May and Lois Scott
Kimberly Parham
Wain Parham
Dr. Zivojin Pavlovic, MD
Thomas and Sharon Perrine
Yasen Peyankov
Mr. & Mrs. Mirko Pintar
Vesna Pirec
Amber Robinson
Yelena and Aleksandar Rosich
Roche Schulfer and Mary Beth Fisher
Daniel Stone
William and Kathleen Stone
John Svolos and Jennifer Roche
Milos and Liz Todorovic
Katie Watson
William and Patricia Williams
Sarah Maltby Wood-Prince
Vesna and Simon

$99 and under

Greg Allen
Barb Ames
Elizabeth Bagby
Andrew Bedelow
Leah Boston
Rebecca DeVivo
Miladinka Filipovic
Ivana Golubovich
Gillian Gorra
Margaret Hartmann
John Highberger
Catherine Hoffher
Mark Douglas Jones
Patricia Kolb
Elaine Kruez
Zbigniew Malecki
Nicholas Moravcevich
Stephen Murray
William and Andrea Payne
Nick Petros
Milica Radosavljevic
Michael Snyder
Milica Spasojevic
John Taflan
Nathan Wonder
Eric Ziegenhagen


The Amy R. Ewert Actor Fund provides additional financial assistance to performers working with TUTA Theatre Chicago. It is designed to supplement actor stipend payment, supplies for rehearsal/performance, travel/transportation needs and studio training opportunities.

Sharon Ammen
Rosemary Lynn Byers
Lawrence & Lisa Brosch
Noreen Castor
Elizabeth Jean Chase
Carol Nelson-Cheng
MT Cozzolla
Philip Dawkins
Sean Ewert
Valera M. Jarvis
Maureen King
Julie Lagnese
Max Lotspeich
Stephen Murray
Robin Mueller
Maren C. Nelson
Jessica Niebanck
William Pacholski
Fonda Pedersen
Nancy Jean Quast
Paul Regan
Amber Robinson

TUTA is partially supported by Arts Work Fund for Organizational Development, The Light A City Fund, The Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation, The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, City Arts I and the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, and The Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.