Production Notes:

The Dumb Waiter, one of the most provocative and politically engaging works in Pinter's cannon, was written in 1957 but not produced until 1960.  The play is known as a dramatic masterpiece - written with a stroke of fascinating simplicity yet reflecting an abundance of themes and ideas.

Although written more than a half-a-century ago, The Dumb Waiter, perhaps more than ever, makes a profoundly moving statement about the modern human condition:  It shows us how invisible and subtle the mechanism of power and oppression works in a seemingly democratic society.  It reveals a system of power and mechanics of fear designed by an "organization," which in our times is easily recognized as a "corporation."  The ludicrous idea of "Corporation is People" is exposed in this playfully with sharp humor and ultimate horror.

I am interested in exploring how political and theatrical systems cross in The Dumb Waiter, and how Pinter uses theatre as a mirror for psychological, social and political issues.  I would like to find out how the "surveillance" that the characters are subjected to is reflected and rendered in the phenomenon of the audience watching the play, and create an event that goes beyond usual theatre experience. - Zeljko Djukic


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