TUTA returns to 59E59 Theaters for the New York premiere of THE EDGE OF OUR BODIES, by acclaimed American writer and Pulitzer Prize finalist Adam Rapp. This haunting and deeply moving story follows 16 year old Bernadette, an aspiring young writer as she journeys through New York City and teeters on the verge of adulthood.  A unique coming of age story, the play honestly and delicately paints the journey of our teenage years, at times uncertain, always full of yearning, and empowered by devastating and uplifting experiences. 

Adam Rapp, a prominent American novelist, playwright, screenwriter, director and musician made his TUTA debut with the Chicago premiere of THE EDGE OF OUR BODIES in 2016.  An Illinois native, born and raised in Joliet, Rapp’s unique understanding of the Midwest underscores much of his writing, which masterfully explores and dissects the culture of Chicago.  A recurring motif in his stories is a departure from the Midwest for a new life in NYC, the path that Rapp himself followed.  As TUTA’s THE EDGE OF OUR BODIES makes this same journey, the urban landscape of the play’s setting pays tribute to the role of the great American city in our collective imagination.

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